Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Paylynxs.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

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  • General Questions
    Q. What is Vianex?
    Q. I am an existing user of IndusFastRemit. Do I have to re-register on the Vianex Web site?
    Q. I am an existing user of IndusFastRemit. Is it compulsory for me to switch/move to Vianex?
    Q. Do I need to setup a new username and password?
    Q. Will I lose any of the payment history or beneficiary when using Vianex?
    Q. Can I not opt for Vianex and continue using the IndusFastRemit service?
    Q. Are the customer support numbers and method the same?
    Q. Any new benefits under the Vianex service?
    Q. How long will it take until the beneficiary can receive the money?
    Q. Will my subsequent payments through Vianex to India be faster?
    Q. Does the beneficiary have to pay anything to receive the money in his account?
    Q. Is there a limit to the frequency or value of the transfers that I can make?
    Q. How do I cancel a transaction?
    Q. How many beneficiaries can I enroll?
    Q. I want to lock my account as I believe that my password has been leaked?
    Q. Who can I contact if needed?
    Q. How do I create and upload a requested document?
    Create Account
    Q. Am I eligible to use the service?
    Q. Why do I need to enroll a beneficiary?
    Q. Can I enroll more than one beneficiary?
    Q. How long does it take to receive the two sub-dollar credit payments needed to open my account?
    Q. Why are you sending me two sub-dollar credit payments?
    Q. Can I use more than one bank account?
    Q. Does the password have to contain a certain structure?
    Q. How long will it take to complete the enrollment?
    Q. How do I find the sub-dollar payment amounts that were sent to my account?
    Q. Do I need to provide any documents for verification to complete the online registration?
    Service Account
    Q. It has been at least 4 full business days since I submitted the payment and the beneficiary has not received the money.
    Q. Why was the money I tried to send returned to my account?
    Q. What do I need to do if the transaction is marked as Failed?
    Q. I sent a payment to a beneficiary and now I want a refund?
    Q. I have received a refund for my transaction but the amount is different?
    Q. I want to reissue a transaction that had been returned earlier?
    Q. There has been a charge levied although the service is free?
    Q. How do I cancel a future payment?
    Account Management
    Q. Why does it take 3 days to receive the sub-dollar credits in my account?
    Q. Why do you send me two sub-dollar credits in order to set up a new financial account?
    Q. How many months of transaction history is available through the Web site?
    Q. Why do some transactions allow me to file a non-receipt and others do not have the option?
    Q. What is the mode of payout in India?
    Q. How do you handle the change in exchange rate during the course of the day?
    Q. What is the availability date mean?
    Q. What happens if I change my financial account if I have future payments scheduled?
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