Vianex Fast Remit
Today's Transaction Rate: 82.88 INR
Transaction Fee: $0

About Us

Helping customers support their families in India with great rates and no fees.

Vianex Fast Remit (VFR) offers some of the best exchange rates for money transfers from the USA to India.

VFR was born out of a desire to help customers keep more of their earnings for themselves and their families. We're committed to providing a competitive, secure, convenient, and reliable alternative to transfer money to India with great exchange rates and no transaction fees. Now with instant enrollment, you can sign up for VFR and send money to India in the same day.

VFR is the result of a collaboration project between Viamericas Corporation and IndusInd Bank. Formerly called Indus Fast Remit, the service was rebranded after Viamericas took over operations in 2017. Viamericas has helped families achieve their financial goals with international payment services since the early 2000s.

Viamericas is headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, with two U.S. regional offices in Miami and Los Angeles and operations centers in Mexico, Colombia, and the Philippines.

"Vianex" is a trade name for Viamericas Corporation, Viamericas Financial Services Corporation, Viamericas New York Corporation, and Viamericas Money Services Corporation, as applicable.